Software Support for CNC Machinery from®

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest software is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance of your CNC machinery. At®, we understand the importance of providing reliable software support to our valued customers. This page outlines the software we support and the specific terms and conditions associated with our software support services.

Current Software by®:

Category   Supported Software Supported by Training Download Buy
Vinyl Cutting VinylCut Logo AM.CO.ZA VinylCut 5 AM.CO.ZA CNC Utilities Buythis
Vinyl Cutting SAI Flex Starter Logo SAi FlexiSTARTER 21 and 22 AM.CO.ZA SAi Download Buythis
Laser Cutting TruCUT RDWorks Logo TruCUT RDWorks V8 AM.CO.ZA CNC Utilities free
Laser Cutting AcroRIP Logo RAYCUT CypCUT 6 AM.CO.ZA   CNC Utilities free
Laser Marking VinylCut Logo AM.CO.ZA LabelMark 5 AM.CO.ZA CNC Utilities free
Plasma Cutting FabriCAM Logo AM.CO.ZA FabriCAM All Versions AM.CO.ZA CNC Utilities Buythis
CNC Routering VinylCut Logo AM.CO.ZA RouterCAM 3 AM.CO.ZA CNC Utilities Buythis
RIP & Printing SAI Flex Print Logo SAi FlexiPRINT 21 and 22 AM.CO.ZA SAi Download Buythis
RIP & Printing AcroRIP Logo AM.CO.ZA AcroRIP ACRORIP CNC Utilities Buythis
3D Printing AcroRIP Logo PrintUP Channel Letter Generator AM.CO.ZA     CNC Utilities free
3D Printing Creality Logo Creality Slicer Creality 3D Creality Cloud free
3D Printing PioCreat Logo AM.CO.ZA Piocreat Slicer Creality 3D Piocreat Software free

Software Support Criteria:

  • We provide software support for CNC machines sold by us to work. We do not provide support for software only.
  • Supported software must be installed on a native Windows 10 or later operating system. We DO NOT provide support for software installations on Mac or virtual machine Windows environments.
  •® and Machine.Africa provide support for software released within the last 3 years.

Machine Warranty and Technical Support:

  • For all machines sold by®, the standard warranty period is 1 year or shorter, depending on the machine type.
  • Our in-house technicians are dedicated to providing support even after the warranty period has expired.

Out-of-Warranty Support:

  • Clients with out-of-warranty machines have the flexibility to choose any aftermarket supplier for service.
  •® recommends Machine.Africa as a designated service provider for out-of-warranty machines.

Legacy Software:

  • Older software versions can still be downloaded from our CNCU website.
  • Access a wealth of instructional videos on and software training.
  • While we continue to offer access to legacy resources, we cannot provide technical support for outdated software.

Please Note: This page will be regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in software support and offerings from®

Additional Resources for Support:

At®, we are committed to ensuring that your CNC machinery operates seamlessly with the latest software solutions. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with any software-related inquiries and support needs. Keep an eye on this page for ongoing updates and improvements in our software support offerings.